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The Amberoom Containers is your best option for buying new and used shipping containers in and around Canada. Contact us today to place your order and have your container delivered in as little as 24 hours. 

Some of The FAQs

We deliver fast! Generally speaking, we can deliver 20 foot containers in as little as 24 hours. 40 foot containers can be delivered in as little as 72 hours. 

The most common and cost effective method for delivering shipping containers is via flat-deck tilt-bed truck or trailer.  In order to be able to accept this delivery method, you will need a minimum of 60 linear feet of clearance to deliver a 20 foot container and 100 linear feet of clearance to deliver a 40′ container.

It’s also very important to consider height. Any low hanging tree branches, wires or overhangs  must be a minimum of 14 feet for regular height containers or 16 feet for high cubes. Tilt-deck trailers also must have no height restrictions at the point of offload.

We offers a flexible list of options when it comes to payment. We are happy to accept VISA, Mastercard, e-transfers or money wires at no extra cost.

Absolutely! Scams and fraud are a huge problem in the shipping container industry.  In 2021, CBC reported a group of people who lost as much as $70,000 on shipping container scams.

A couple of general rules of thumb to prevent shipping container fraud:

  1. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Get a sense of the going rates for shipping containers in your area.
  2. Never pay for your container in advance via e-transfer without knowing exactly who you are sending funds to. All of our e-transfer sales go directly to our official support email,
  3. If possible, pay with credit card, Paypal, EFT wire, or another form of payment that offers protection in the form of chargebacks or refunds in the event of fraud.  

The most important thing to worry about when receiving a container is that the surface is level, smooth and firm. Unlevelled terrain can lead to your container twisting that will result in pinched hinges and doors that are difficult to open. Our recommended surface is compact gravel or asphalt with concrete pavers to raise the container off the ground a couple inches.

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